Are search engine optimization (SEO) mistakes preventing your website from getting the results you need? Are you taking advantage of all of Google’s tools to help potential visitors find your site and using analytics to track your results?

Skoda Minotti Strategic Marketing reviews and audits many websites to maximize SEO performance. All too often we find significant opportunities for clients to drive more traffic and convert more visitors into leads and sales opportunities for their company.

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In this e-book, 5 Common SEO Mistakes Found on Company Websites—And How to Fix Them, we’ve address the five most frequent mistakes we see and provide tools for making improvements that will drive better SEO performance. They include:

  • Duplicate Page Titles and Meta Descriptions
  • Non-Responsive/Non-Mobile Friendly
  • Slow Load Time
  • Not Using Google My Business
  • Not Using Google Analytics and Console

Take the first step toward improving your SEO results.

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